13 - The Storm

Taste on the wind, the shade of the dawn
The flash of a fin leads you to more
And something has drawn you
To travel beyond everything that you've seen
Chasing the darkness, chasing a dream
Chasing a storm

Something profound out in the mist
Answer the call, clenching your fist
To take on the sail
You were born to be this, you were born to be free
Abandon your ship to walk on the sea
Riding the storm

Sparks trail your fingers as upwards you rise
Your mothers and fathers flexing their might
From the thunderous past
They're calling the lightning to strike at your side
There's no place to go
There's nothing to hide
Riding the storm

Now you're awake, and now you can breathe
Take the cares of before with the salt of the sea
With the waves underneath you, you power up high
With the thunder you cry
"This destruction is mine"
With an ocean-wide smile
You're riding the storm