06 - The Sunlight

A song about the joy of finishing work early and cycling home while it's still light outside.

It's time to make some space
Be done with all that's commonplace
And chase the thoughts that let me feel alive

I've paid my dues, addressed my debt
The hours have danced their minuet
And now it's time to spin under the sky

I'm done with making sense
Of redirects and consequence
And now I get to make a break and ride

Into the sunlight
In the sunlight

It's time to wend my way
Escaping from the land of grey
With nothing more I need to understand

Nothing else comes close to this
With just a touch of pull and twist
I'm sailing through the landscape underhand
Whoah, and I never want to land

In the sunlight
The sunlight
In the sunlight


Whoah, and I never want to land

Riding through the world stuck in between
The intellect and gentle rolling green
Where my head rests and my heart sings that I am home
In these moments where I fly under the sunlight

In the sunlight
In the sunlight
In the sunlight...